Information for Visiting Ringers



Locating the tower

Daytime ringing (Mon-Sat) limited to one hour. This includes bank and public holidays. Peals restricted to early evening, finishing by 9.00pm (plus possibly Sunday daytime) and are limited to one per year. Most convenient car parking is in the Overgate car park (No 20 – closes at varying times from 7.00pm - please check before parking there! - Overgate Parking Information), Yeaman’s Shore (no. 23 – free in the evenings, after 6pm) or Greenmarket (no. 24 - multi-storey). See Dundee City Council parking map,which also links to specific car park charges. The Old Steeple is located at the City Churches (look for the yellow area, 'Overgate Shopping Centre') in the lower centre of this map. The entrance to the tower is through the large doors opposite Debenhams at the west end of the City Churches.

St Paul's Cathedral is marked between Castle Street and Commercial Street (centre on the map, near the end of the bridge) and is not the 'St Paul's Church' near the Overgate.

Please note that these links and my description may go out-of-date but a search for 'Dundee Car Parking' should keep you right.

Inside the tower

There used to be clock chimes in the tower but these have now been disconnected, so there are no chimes to turn off before ringing.

Peal fees at present are £10/rope, with a donation from other visiting ringers left to the organiser's discretion.

Full instructions are here in 'Instructions to Ringers Visiting the Old Steeple' and please read these before visiting the tower.

The tower is open to City Council employees and others so the bells MUST be left down whenever the ringing room is unattended.


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